Hair Loss Treatments

Losing one’s hair is never something one is prepared to deal with. Case studies around this have revealed that ninety percent of men with hair loss, receding hairlines, thinning hair buy dihydrocodeine and baldness suffer from a condition known as androgenetic alopecia.

Hair loss products are a billion dollar business with alternatives for hair loss treatment that are drug free being a growing segment of the marketplace. In the following paragraphs, we will briefly discuss the causes of hair loss to better understand the options that are available.

If not kept in balance within your body, hormones such as androgens and estrogens are the primary reason which cause hair loss. A thyroid gland that is either under or over active will be the direct reason why hair would fall out.

This is not just limited to men as woman also notice this during pregnancy as their hair possibly thickens up while they are in term as the elevated levels of the hormone which holds onto hair that would normally fall out. Once the baby is born, this hair will naturally fall out as the normal hormonal cycle is restored.

Other causes of hair loss could be related to bacterial or fungal infections.Certain medicines may also contribute to this and underlying diseases such as lupus or diabetes are other things to watch out for.

For men, the hormonal imbalance is usually a genetic inheritance and usually attributed to male androgens being unbalanced. Male pattern alopecia in women is also an imbalance of androgens so pinpointing this is key to solving the issue.

A prescriptive drug called Propecia is available for men which works on correcting the androgen imbalance which may lead to reversing any hair continuing from falling out but the side effect of a lower sexual drive leads many men to weigh the costs carefully.

Other over the counter treatments involve fluids that can be applied topically to the effected area, which have shown to slow down and even stop the thinning process.

For those though looking for drug free alternatives, hair pieces, wigs and something that is growing in popularity which are hair implants are the best options. The issues with the latter is the increase costs of having to treat larger areas of the scalp but the results are amazing and one to consider if drug treatments are not what you’d want. Knowing all the options should give you a better understanding of which to choose.